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Jewelry That Set’s Your Soul On Fire

The Flora Series is all things plant and nature inspired, with a dash of whimsical edge. Choose from Eight collections inspired by buds, flowers, leaves, pods, seeds…and of course my classic rose-forms.

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hand formed silver flowers with gemstone & pearl centres

unusual gemstones set in silver with pod accents in yellow & rose gold

unusual gemstones with pod accents in copper, brass & silver

minimalist designs decorated with leaf motifs in silver with gemstones

inspired by lotus seed pods formed in silver with accents of gold & pearls

inspired by moss rose seed pods in silver with accents of copper & brass.

hand formed silver flowers with accents of yellow & rose gold

tiny sprout like forms in silver & gold set with a rainbow of gemstones

Nature Inspired Jewelry With A Bold Edge For Adventurous Women

Handcrafted By Elle Hinnah In Missouri, USA