Aquamarine Electroformed Necklace and Earring Bundle/ Gift Set


Aquamarine Electroformed Necklace and Earring Bundle/ Gift Set


♥Aquamarine makes a nice gift for someone that has a March birthday.

♥Aquamarine also has amazing healing properties and energies such as calming fears and phobias. It is associated with the throat chakra, which makes it a great choice to wear if you want to promote verbal self expression.

♥This lovely set features raw Aquamarine that has been electroformed in copper and hung on 14k Rose Gold Filled chain and ear wires.

♥Electroforming is a process where science meets art. The pieces being formed are connected to an electrical current and submerged in a solution saturated with metal particles. The electricity draws the metal particles out of the solution and onto the piece, forming the metal directly onto the piece. Hence the name – electroforming, the use of electricity to form metal onto something.

♥It will arrive in a lovely 5”x6” kraft paper box, ready to be gifted or simply enjoyed by the buyer.

♥ There’s value in buying a bundle box! Necklace is regularly $38, Earrings are regularly $34. So save $12 when you purchase the bundle!

♥ Customer Reviews –
“It’s absolutely beautiful and just like the picture. The skill and craftsmanship of this piece will definitely make me a repeat buyer. Also, not only did seller ship fast; but she’s also helpful and responsive super nice. Thank you!”

“Looks exactly as photographed. Came VERY early. Perfect.”

“I love this necklace! It’s perfect!! I will be making many purchases from your shop! I might even buy something for someone else…maybe!! Thank you for the fast shipping and for the beautiful gift you included!!”

“Beautiful piece; pkged well; shipped super fast; recommended seller; would def buy from this seller again. Thanks so much”

“I love it! I’m wearing it now, and I will tell everyone where I got it! Thank you so much for the fast shipping and the beautiful gift you sent!!”

“Absolutely beautiful ring!! So delicately hand crafted, you can truly feel the care and work that Elle puts into her work. I love the the little detail on the leaf and I get compliments on it constantly.

On a side note, if you are into the metaphysical/energy side of stones, THIS is the store to shop at. Elle is not only an absolutely sweetheart, but her energy actually emanates from her jewelry and stones.

I ended up messaging her because i’ve been going through a rough time and the day I received the ring, I put it on and immediately it was like I had received a hug of loving energy.

Whether its the care she puts into her creations, or her own warmth and energy (or my belief is, the combination of the two) she is doing something right. A beautiful soul who makes beautiful art!

100% will be purchasing again.”


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