Hi y’all!  I’m Elle Hinnah.

Founder, designer, artist, and all other titles that go with being a one woman handmade business.

I’m Self taught metalsmith, and I started making jewelry professionally in 2013. I got my first jewelry making kit (a set with raw stones, wire, and pliers) as an 8 year old for Christmas from my aunt and uncle. While most other kids were learning cursive, I was tinkering with putting stones and metal together for the first time in what would end up being a life long love.


I live in a tiny rural town in Central Missouri on the Missouri River called Glasgow. Somewhere most people consider “fly over” country, because it’s in the middle of cornfields & cows. I think it’s an amazing place to live and raise a child.

Why Glasgow, Missouri? Because small towns are dying. I want to do what I can to breathe some life back into this town and economy and do my part in keeping it alive for another generation. There’s an incredibly charming, quaint, and comfortable feeling that comes from living in a small town, even more so if you grew up in one. And that’s why I chose to raise my daughter here.


Rose Ridge Jewelry is very family oriented. I started it because I knew that I wanted to be a mom and I knew I wanted to have as much time as much as possible with any children I did have. I wanted to have the ability to work from home and raise kids. So, I started this business before I was a mom so I could try to achieve that goal. I’m fortunate to say I’ve been doing that since then. I started my business in October of 2013, and my daughter was born in April of 2015. With a very curious toddler, this can get pretty chaotic at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s getting to the age now where her curiosity is really kicking in and she wants to help me most of the time with whatever I’m doing.


So, by this point you may be asking yourself why I’m telling you all of this.

I’m telling you because this, my daughter, is the main reason driving why I do what I do. She’s what motivates me to strive to better and grow this crazy dream of mine. I dreamed of being a professional artist as a kid. But it wasn’t until a I decided to be a mom that I found the motivation I needed to make my dream a reality.




Like I mentioned previously, all of my skills are self taught. My formal education is in Business. I have a BS in Business Administration from Columbia College in Columbia, MO. People ask constantly how I got into doing this. There really isn’t a grand story other than I love jewelry, it’s always been fascinating to me, and I wanted to learn how to work with metal, so I researched it and practiced and ended up teaching myself. There’s something to be said for being self taught – not only do you learn what works, you also learn what doesn’t work. I have an array of knowledge in this field! Haha. You have to have a little resilience if you want to take this route.


I draw inspiration for my work from nature. I love being outside. In my free time I enjoy gardening – a variety of flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruits. I also enjoy traveling, and prefer a scenic destination as opposed to an urban one. There’s nothing more serene to me than being in a forest or the mountains and just listening to the sounds of nature around me. It’s completely refreshing to me, so I hope to capture and replicate that vibe with my work.