Empower Subscription Box

Claim your power with The Empower Tool Kit!

Jewelry and Empowering Goodies delivered to you on a monthly basis to make you feel bold, ignited and empowered. 

Wear It! Feel It! Become It!

Boxes are LIMITED!

Your power was never gone, or lost.
It was there all along.

You just have to dig deep, Re-Ignite the flame.
Embrace your inner warrior, Snatch your power back.

Be who you were before your shine was dimmed, Unf**k yourself!

And Empower is just the tool for the job.

Purchase 3 months, get the 4th FREE! 

First time subscribers also receive a FREE sterling silver chain to put the Empowered pendants on (a $15 value!)


Perfect for Mother’s Day!

It’s the gift she’ll keep receiving for months!

Be Bold! Be Authentic! Be Powerful!

Hi! I’m Elle Hinnah

I’m Elle and I’m on a mission to help women claim their own power. I want YOU to become powerful and comfortable being your own raw and authentic self.

Live by my motto of being bold, beautful and adventurous.

I’m also the creative hands behind Rose Ridge Jewelry and I am so excited to share my new adventure with you – The Empower Tool Kit! A box of handcrafted goodies that will make you BE AND FEEL YOUR BEST self!

Subscribe monthly to The Empower Box and get a little bit of magic from me to YOU, all parcelled up and delivered right to your door!

Owning My Power!

The Empower Tool Kit Helps You…

Claim Your Power

& Re-Balance Yourself

Here’s What You’re Gonna Get!

A box containing a piece of Rose Ridge Jewelry and other Empowering Goodies delivered to you EVERY MONTH!

Whats Inside The Empower Tool Kit!

Empowered Jewelry

🌟 My new Subscription Boxes are built around the popular pendants from my Empower Series, which focus on the metaphysical properties of gemstones.

🌟 Each month The Empower Tool Kit features ONE carefully selected Empower Pendant which is then matched with other Empower goodies.

🌟 Empower Pendants consist of a variety of crystal balls ranging in size from 4mm-10mm, which are hand-wrapped on a sterling silver head pin.

🌟 The pendant loop is about 5mm, which makes it ideal for adding to just about any chain, leather chord or ribbon.

🌟 As you collect your Empower Tool Kit each month, you will be able to mix and match your pendants depending on the crystal’s properties or the look you want for that day!

Empowered Goodies

🌟 Each month’s subscription box has a ‘theme’ which is based around a particular characteristic of one of my Empower Pendants.

🌟 With this in mind, I hand-select TWO surprise ‘goodies’ to include in the Tool Kit which compliment the featured pendant of the month.

🌟 Empower Goodies include lifestyle and well-being products and where possible, these are hand-crafted by other makers.

🌟 It’s my mission to empower people to feel their best and at the same time to support other artisans who share my same vision.

(If you are an artisan and would like your products to be considered for my Empower Box then please send an enquiry to: info@roseridgejewelry.com.)

This Empower Tool Kit – Will Help You Feel Balanced!

You Get x1 Empowered Pendant

This Empower Kit contains a Hematite Pendant – a powerful stone that helps you restore balance, peace, and clarity.

Plus x2 Empowered Goodies!

When you’re feeling run down, ground yourself with a sage stick, and then relax with an indulgent bath bomb.

= The Monthly Empower Tool Kit!

The three elements in this Empower Tool Kit help you focus your mental strength so you feel re-centred and balanced!

Here’s How To Get Empowered!

🌟 Its easy, either click the SUBSCRIBE or QUICK BUY button and pay for your monthly subscription.

🌟 Don’t forget to fill out your address and then checkout.

🌟 Wait excitedly each month for your Empower Tool Kit to be delivered right to your door.

🌟 Then wear it, use it and enjoy it!

Wait! Stop Giving Your Power Away!

Subscribe to the Empower Kit and feel totally amazing! 

Nature Inspired Jewelry With A Bold Edge For Adventurous Women

Handcrafted By Elle Hinnah In Missouri, USA