Collection Retirement Auction

Collection Retirement Discontinued pieces Sale

This new year is ringing in a new chapter in this story!
I'm discontinuing a LOT of collections to make room for new work. 


To make room for new work, I'm doing something I've never done before.... 

​I'm having a HUGE collection retirement event.


It's going to be an auction style sale. Starting bids will be around 75% off from what the listed price is on the web site. 
Mark your calendars for January 22, 5pm CST! Bidding starts then. 
Bidding closes January 25 5pm CST

You have 3 days to bid on your favorite pretties! 


It's going to be held in my Facebook group - click the link below to join!
Rose Ridge Jewelry Destash

What if I don't use Facebook? 

Just contact me, and we'll work out a plan - I want this to be accessible to everyone :) 



Each item will have its own post in the group, with the starting bid listed. If you want to bid, enter the whole dollar amount in the comments section. 

​Whomever has the highest bid at the end of the auction, will receive an invoice for that item. The winner will have 24 hours to pay for their item. If the item is not paid for in that time, it goes to the next highest bidder. 


The entire Pods Collection 

Part of the Rose Collection 

Sprouts (Not listed on the website)

Lotus (Not listed on the website)

​I haven't counted up the total pieces yet, but I expect there to be well over 50 pieces. 

In 6 years in business, I've never had an event like this, and this won't be a regular thing. This is an opportunity to grab some of my high end pieces (18k gold) at an affordable price. 

I'm looking forward to this event, and to clearing out space for a brand new chapter. 

I hope you'll join me!

Light & Love,