Wanderlust fills your soul and you ache to know whatʼs past the next ridge….

Youʼre bold.
Youʼre a dreamer.

You’re brave enough to chase those dreams.

And mindful enough to manifest a reality suited perfectly to you!

Most don’t understand it, few rarely do….

But I do! I see you!

Hiking My Next Adventure Deep In The Zion Narrows

Hurricane Ridge – Olympic National Park

You understand when I say there’s an ache deep inside your heart as you’re waiting for the next adventure.

Or the calming energy when you’re hiking through a mountainous forest letting the sound of the nearby creek wash away your stress.

You know the sense of peace I’m talking about when practicing meditation, or yoga, or after aligning your chakra with some crystals.

And you know there’s nothing more satisfying than standing in your truth, being your authentic self. It takes a brave soul to be this transparent. This raw!

Stand In Your Own Truth

Be Your Authentic Self

Align Your Heart With Natures Elements

Jewelry For Brave Raw Souls

Be Natural! Be Raw! Be Authentic!

Being natural is simply one of the most beautiful things – even though it can be lonely sometimes.

But it’s never too lonely – there’s always that close circle of cherished people in your life. Whether you were born with them, or chose them, or they chose you…

That’s family! Your tribe!

And if you’re like me, there’s nothing more important than them. These are the people that celebrate your wins with you, and they bring joy to your life.

They’re the reason you push through the struggles.

Family Tribe!

Hi! I’m Elle Hinnah

If youʼve read this far and youʼre nodding – look no further, youʼve found a new tribe member….

I’m Elle – the creative hands behind Rose Ridge Jewelry.

Exploring sets my soul on fire,

and so does hand growing my jewelry!

I love finding joy in small things – a flower, a sunset, or time with loved ones.

I’m often immersed in growing my own roses – one of the inspirations behind the name, Rose Ridge.

I find peace in nature and in practicing mindfulness.

And I’m unapologetically me.

A Rose Ridge Home Grown Rose!

Find Your Inner Calm

Gain Inspiration From Nature

Be Unapologetically YOU!

Jewelry That Set’s Your Soul On Fire

I want my story to resonate with you and my jewelry to inspire you!

Feel calm, Feel nurtured, Feel bold, Feel alive!

I make my jewelry with love for YOU!

YOU are my family, my tribe!

Come with me on this journey!

Hand-Grown Nature Inspired Jewelry With A Bold Edge For Adventurous Women

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