Your power is not gone, or lost.

It’s there all along.

You just have to dig deep,

Reignite the flame.

Embrace your inner warrior. 

Snatch your power back.

Be who you were before your shine was dimmed. 

Unf*ck yourself.

The Empower Collection is just the tool for the job.

Now you can get the Empower Collection every month along with other artisan made goodies that compliment the pendant of the month!

Claim your power with The Empower Tool Kit!

The Empower Jewelry Monthly Subscription Box | Feel Balanced | Rose Ridge Jewelry

Jewelry and Empowering Goodies right to your door on a monthly basis to make you feel bold, ignited and empowered. 

Wear It! Feel It! Become It!


Boxes for April are limited to only 50, so hurry! Click HERE to Subscribe Now!

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What is the Empower Collection? 

Empower features a variety of mini crystal balls ranging in size from 4mm-10mm.

They’re hung on a hand made sterling silver head pin, completed with hand wrapped loop at the top.

The opening of the loop is about 5mm. So, they’re ideal for adding to just about any chain.

 Each stone has a specific metaphysical property that is focused on.

As a result, it will help empower the wearer in that area.

In short, mix and match the pendants depending on the properties or look you want for that day!


Elle’s Mission

I’m on a mission to help people claim their own power. 

Because I want YOU to become powerful and comfortable being your own raw and authentic self. 

Above all, I want to provide tools that naturally enhance all of the abilities we each possess.

Subsequently, I feel driven to use my skills to help people be and feel their best.

And that’s where the Empower Tool Kit comes into play.

Empower Tool Kit includes 1 pendant  and 2 extra goodies.

In addition, the goodies in the boxes come from other independent artisans.

As a result, you’re also supporting artisans & makers.

For example, you can expect to receive items like essential oil bath bombs, reiki infused room sprays, and organic teas.

So, to learn more about the Empower Tool Kit, or to subscribe, click here.


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