It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog post, I’ve been slacking, but to say life has been busy would be an understatement…

**Preface – this blog post is not a typical one for me about jewelry, or even much about my business, even though my business afforded me this opportunity. This blog will encompass something much more personal to me. So, bear with me while I introduce you to a side you probably haven’t met unless you know me well…

I just returned home from spending the weekend in Beverly Hills at the LA Femme Film Festival. My business was invited to be a product sponsor for this (I made jewelry that was included in the gift bags that were given to the celebrities that attended) and in return I received VIP All Access passes to the entire event including the Red Carpet, Awards Ceremony and all the After Party Events. When I started my business three years ago, never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined this is where it would take me. And I have an inkling that this isn’t even the top. Not even close…

For a small town Missouri girl, this event was overwhelming. Not in a bad, anxiety attack inducing way. There were just a lot of feelings and emotions that were evoked within me surrounding this event, so I spent my flight home yesterday sorting those out and I’ll do my best to give them the words they deserve, but words were never my forte.

In short, this experience was amazing, motivating, inspiring, humbling, empowering, and in every essence of the word – awesome. It is by far the best experience I’ve had with my business yet. To be surrounded by such strong, motivated, and independent women that are constantly working towards changing the status quo in regards to “gender norms” was wonderful. To be surrounded by women that know what it is to fight, claw, scratch their way to where they are with their careers, I felt validated and understood. These women told countless stories of how they overcame obstacles in their lives to achieve what they have, and every single word resonated with me. These women know what it is to be told to “do something more practical with your life” by well meaning family and friends. These women know what is it to be judged for working intense hours instead of “focusing on solely being a ‘good wife’ and ‘good mother'”. These women know what it is to not be taken as seriously in a professional setting simply because of the gender they are. The words grateful and thankful can’t even begin to cover the appreciation I have for being able to be a part of this experience. So thank you, if any of you are reading this, to the La Femme Film Festival. Thank you to Leslie LaPage for envisioning this and making it happen even though you were met with resistance to your idea over the years. You never gave up and it continues to grow, reach women, and change lives. Thank you to the writers, film makers, directors, and actors that come and share your experiences. You put your heart and souls out there to touch lives on such an utterly raw and personal level, I’m in awe. And last, but most certainly not least of all, thank you to the women, not just in this industry, but that are entrepreneurs, trail blazers, innovators, or other bad- assery that I’m forgetting to mention. To the ones who share their stories of struggle – thank you, it helps the rest of us know we’re not alone. And to the ones still struggling in silence, know you’re not alone. One day all of the struggles, battles, and fights will be worth it.

Even with this experience, I know my struggles as a woman, an entrepreneur, and a single mother, won’t end. It won’t eliminate people that lack compassion and understanding. It won’t end gender inequality and misogynistic attitudes. We can acknowledge it and address it, or we can continue to ignore it and shove our heads in the sand. With our current situation in society, glaringly brought to light with current politics, I really feel it’s impossible to ignore and deny any longer. All we can do is continue to fight this one battle at a time and increase awareness of the situations women face. We owe it to ourselves and to our daughters and sons to continue it.

I’m a jewelry designer and creator. That doesn’t seem very deep, but if I can help other women feel inspired, motivated, and driven through my experiences, it seems like so much more than just jewelry. I really want to reach and help other women as I was this weekend. I am dedicated to returning that energy back out into the world. Even if I only reach just one person, it will be worth it in the end. It has become evident that this passion within me, will be my mission in life.


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