My second #SmithingSunday went well today! I got the labradorite set I’ve been posting pictures of finished up and the third set for the photography shoot is underway. I’m loving how the labradorite set turned out and I’m excited for the third set. The third set is coral in a bezel setting (Same type of setting as the labraodite, the stone sits in a “cup” type setting), but will have different embellishments around the bezel. The coral stones are smooth, instead of faceted ( when a stones surface has angles cut into it, it’s called a faceted stone – princess cut diamond, is an example of a faceted stone). So, there are some similarities between the sets, but also some vast differences. I’m looking forward to getting some pictures posted of this set!

Speaking of pictures… that’s what these three sets are for. I’m taking the three sets to a professional photographer this Saturday to be photographed. I’m beyond excited for this. I think this will be the thing that helps me gain invitations to the major art festivals, like the Kansas City Plaza Art fair, which was this past weekend.

I attended the Plaza Art Fair just as an art enthusiast and not as a vendor. And it was ah-mazing! It’s so motivating to me to be in that type of environment. I loved it. And supported an artist there by purchasing a ring from her, which will continue to serve as a motivational reminder to keep pushing, hustling and striving to get better, because one day I WILL be a vendor at that art show. It’s gonna happen! And to make this happen… I gotta get back to work now!

I’ll post again next Sunday and let y’all know how the photo shoot went!

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