I’m starting a new thing called #SmithingSunday. It’s my intention to make it into the studio to smith something every Sunday. This will most likely happen around my kiddo’s nap or bedtime schedule, as she can’t be in the studio with me while I’m smithing – it’s just not safe what with the thousands of degrees flames, chemicals, acids, and sharp objects. I also do a blog post every Sunday as well, so I’ll work that in between smithing sessions.

This smithing session focused on the pieces I’m taking with my to the professional photo shoot in a couple weeks. The set I’m working on is flower themed. I’ve attached a couple of work in process pictures to this blog. The two pictures are of the same piece. The picture that the rose looks black in is fresh off the bench after soldering, still covered in firescale. The other picture is straight out of the pickle (an acid solution used to remove firescale). It definitely looks prettier after the pickle, but it’s not done yet! Next week I’ll add some finished product shots, and once I get the professional shots back, I’ll share those too.

With today’s busy-ness, and my finger that I burnt smithing today, I’m going to keep this blog post short.
See y’all next week!



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