Hey y’all!

Most of you have probably figured out that the business went through a re-branding process (again). This is it this time though! No more re-branding from here on. Rose Ridge really encompasses what I have envisioned for the company.

I’ve got a lot of exciting things happening right now, along with the usual ramp up for the Holiday Season. If you follow my Facebook page, and you definitely should, then you’ve seen me talk about a huge order of rings and necklaces I just finished up that is being shipped to Los Angeles. Down the road, I’ll talk more in depth about this, but for now I’ll leave it at that it’s going to be a pretty exciting opportunity!

October is going to be FULL of things going on. I’m meeting with a professional photographer to have my pieces shot. Hopefully these professional grade photos will help with art show application success rates. And speaking of shows… the fall show season kicks off for me in Arrow Rock October 8-9. If you’re in the Mid-Missouri area and looking for something fun to do that week, come check out the festival. It’s 1800s themed and it’s usually beautiful weather, so come out and enjoy! I’ll work on getting a schedule put up for you guys so you can keep up with my show list.

I’ve got a ton more things I could ramble on about, but I’m going to call this blog post good and go get some other work done. I’ll try to keep up the blog schedule I had with the old website, and I’ll post every Sunday night.

Thanks for sticking with me!

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