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You have an adventure in your heart,

and you’re not afraid to show off your natural beauty!

Welcome To Rose Ridge Jewelry

Empowering Bold Designs Infused With Nature That Spark Curiosity And Adventure.

Explore The Flora Series

All things plant and nature inspired, with a dash of whimsical edge. Eight collections inspired by buds, flowers, leaves, pods…and of course my classic rose-forms.

Explore The Empowered Series

Just the spark you need to promote well-being, healing and empowerment! An Empowered Collection of gemstone beads hand-picked for their healing properties.

Be An Adventurous Spirit

Hi! I’m Elle Hinnah

I’m an adventurous dreamer, a mom and the maker behind Rose Ridge Jewelry!

I love nothing more than hiking my next adventure to see what’s around the next ridge. Or wiling away hours tending the rose’s I grow.

I’m equally at home outside in nature as I am in my workshop hand growing my next piece of jewelry.

When I was younger I always wanted to have my own business. When I decided to be a mom, it motivated me to be brave enough to chase that dream.

Since 2013, I’ve been handcrafting jewelry full time and raising my spunky, fearless daughter.

Family means everything to me – building a tribe of people that surround me with love.

The jewelry I create embodies all of that energy!

Bold designs, a loving adventurous spirit and a sense of raw beauty.

And I’d like to share my world with YOU!

Wear Designs With A Bold Edge

With a piece of Rose Ridge Jewelry, you can be your true self – bold, fearless and totally unique!

My designs – drawn from nature – are the embodiment of your next adventure.

The raw stones I use restore calm when chaos tries to creep in. 

The bold, fearless forms remind you to be your truest self, and show your unique style.

So much love goes into creating each of my pieces. My jewelry is the perfect gift for yourself or for that cherished person in your tribe!

Show Off Your Raw Beauty

empowered jewelry and other goodies delivered to your door on a monthly basis!

Introducing My NEW Subscription Box…

The Empower Tool Kit!

Your Power Was Never Gone, Or Lost. It Was There All Along.

You Just Have To Dig Deep, Reignite The Flame,

And Empower Is Just The spark For The Job.

Wear It! Feel It! Become It!

Come Join The Adventure

Let my stories resonate with you and my jewelry and nature adventures inspire your soul!

I’d love to 

Gift You A Print

From One Of My Epic Adventures!

YOU are my family, come join my adventurous tribe!

As a thank-you, receive a GIFT of one of my adventure photographs.

Join Me On This Journey!

Image Of Hurricane Ridge – Olympic National Park

Nature Inspired Jewelry With A Bold Edge For Adventurous Women

Handcrafted By Elle Hinnah In Missouri, USA